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The follow on book to Mrs Darley s Pagan Whispers , in Mrs Darley s Moon Mysteries each chapter is littered with poetry and thought provoking Moonlight Tales , involving the charismatic Mrs Darley and a selection of her fascinating friends as they impart their lunar knowledge to the author Finally, the book invites the reader to encounter a Divine essence beneath the beauty of a moonlit skyMrs Darley s Moon Mysteries by Carole Carlton is a celebration of all aspects of the Moon, from her phases and movement, to her influences both on the earth itself and those who live upon her Her history, geology, myths, legends and effectiveness in magical workings are explored as each chapter unfolds Explores the myths, legends and folklore that have, over millennia, become associated with the Moon as well as its place in literature and sacred texts

10 thoughts on “Mrs Darley's Moon Mysteries: A Celebration Of Moon Lore And Magic

  1. Grinney Pig Grinney Pig says:

    A wonderful book full of insightful knowledge and lovely meditations wrote in a delightful manner, I so want to be Mrs Darley s neighbour O

  2. K Davidson K Davidson says:

    Have this as an audio book, love the Mrs Darley stories and love all the information contained within, the Mrs D stories made a lovely break between the factual information and tied everything together nicely.

  3. Caroline Wilson Caroline Wilson says:

    Loved this follow up Have discovered so much about the importance of the moon and how it affects virtually everything on earth Mrs Darley is just wonderful