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Harry Dresden WizardLost Items Found Paranormal Investigations Consulting Advice Reasonable Rates No Love Potions, Endless Purses, or Other Entertainment.Business has been slow Okay, business has been dead And not even of the undead variety You would think Chicago would have a littleaction for the only professional wizard in the phone book But lately, Harry Dresden hasn t been able to dredge up any kind of work magical or mundane.But just when it looks like he can t afford his next meal, a murder comes along that requires his particular brand of supernatural expertise.A brutally mutilated corpse Strange looking paw prints A full moon Take three guesses and the first two don t count

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    I ve been told this series gets good at book three Someone else said book four Another, book six.I promised to read until book seven, and I will But Harry is seriously, seriously shitting me.Harry Dresden is a Wizard private eye who works largely with the Chicago police department s Special Investigations officer, Murphy.He has the most over developed Hero complex of any protagonist I ve ever read, to the point of ridiculous I m almost wondering whether his subconscious is guiding him toward some kind of dramatic suicide which would make this novel interesting if that were true image error

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    I m not reviewing all books any Because I don t want to

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    Reviewed by Rabid ReadsBR with my peeps at Buddies Books and BaublesSpecifically Robin Bridge Four , Jennavier , Jenny , Lila , oOSarahOo , Sh3lly Not all those who wander are lost , and Steven I don t know if it was the lowered expectations from being told by every friggin body that DRESDEN doesn t start getting good until book 3 or 4, or if it was how much cooler the book was than the TV episode based on this same installment, or something else entirely The why doesn t really matter, what matters is the outcome, and the outcome is that I thought this book was fan friggin tastic.FOOL MOON was a vast improvement from STORM FRONT Harry was winsomely Harry, and while still occasionally awkward, after the first 25% or so, it petered off considerably In the end, I was completely won over by his adorkableness I was not won over by Murphy I hesitate to comment on how hard I am not shipping her and Harry right now, b c I already did that while I was actually reading it, and was inundated by assurances that she has good reasons for being the unreasonably mistrustful, impulsive, violent harpy that she currently is I BELIEVE you When EVERYONE is of the same opinion, it s silly to deny its likelihood this needs a qualifier when like minded bookish people are ALL of the same opinion, I accept that it is most probably a reflection of what MY OWN opinion will be After I ve formed it For myself I AM NOT ENDORSING HERD MENTALITY BUT.That doesn t change the fact that right now she s an unreasonably mistrustful, impulsive, violent harpy.Beyond Harry himself improving, there was also a solid plot with solid good guys and bad guys the lack of which being my biggest complaint about STORM FRONT.Some kind of werewolf is killing people in Chicago And by killing, I mean ripping, tearing, eviscerating, etc I ve said it before, and I ll say it again boys are gross sorrynotsorryIt s up to Harry to find out who And also what I said some kind of werewolf b c there are apparently a lot to choose from, each varying degrees of, Oh, shit The werewolf lore was very interesting, especially that twist at the very end An insect like demon giving teasers about Harry s mother, and escapades with Harry s ability to soulgaze kept the pages turning, and I felt like Butcher really raised the bar.However, it wasn t perfect.There were eye rolls when a nerd was characterized by looking like he should have a pocket protector, and when Harry told the Bad Guy that he s scum rolls eyes BUT.He also says things like this Christ I wished the police were as savvy as these ne er do wells. And this That was black magic, and it was easy to use Easy and fun Like Legos. And after he calls the Bad Guy scum, he rallies and gives an epic smack down, with this as the parting shot If we were in public, Mr Dresden, I d have you killed for speaking that way to me If we were in public, I told him, you d try BOOM.It s an interesting juxtaposition of ne er do wells and black magic legos analogies and should have had a pocket protector nerds and ka blowie s BUT I see very good things.On a completely random note, are any of you familiar with Jimmy Fallon s Ew sketch from SNL B c Jimmy s character has a stepdad named Gary, and every time Harry does something adorkable or something stupidly dangerous, in my head I m yelling Harry in the same voice that Sara no h b c h s are ew yells, Gary Ew, go away, Gary and it cracks me up shrugs awkwardly Anyway, suffice it to say that I am well and truly hooked by Dresden Well done, Butcher Well done tips hat Pre Review You people are crazy that was AWESOME.I do the same thing with Kate Daniels I know the world building isn t a strong point in the first installment I know, but I don t care , so I m careful to qualify my recommendation, confident that it really doesn t matter, b c Kate s awesomeness is self evident and if you disagree, I ll meet you by the monkey bars at recess pounds fist menacingly into palm BUT.As a reviewer, it s important that I at least maintain the facade of rationality So I disclaim.I just wanted you all to know that I m on to you the series starts getting good around book 3 or 4 pfffffft It s plenty good right now My other reviews for this series Storm Front The Dresden Files, 1 Grave Peril The Dresden Files, 3 Summer Knight The Dresden Files, 4 by Jim Butcher

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    Today is your lucky day Yes it is Want know why Well this was going to be one of my never ending, ever rambling reviews This was going to be an ode to the awesomeness that is Harry D I was going to go all blah blah blah this is fantastic, blah blah blah this is so cool, blah blah blah Harry D I love you even though you re not an asshole, blah blah blah I love what you do with your staff, blah blah blah blah blah blah on you But I won t Because as much as I love Harry I don t have time for this Because this Can t put it down Not humanly possible So you re about to get the condensed version of this review Not so fast young lady, let s not get too excited here I said the condensed version of this review, I never talked about a short review Sometimes I wonder if you know me at all Okay, let s do this.Wait You weren t expecting a plot recap from me were you Oh good, because you re not going to get one Things to do, places to go and all that If you want to know what the story is about, just read the book You re welcome Okay, let s do this.Wait You know that fans of this series usually say that it gets better around book 3 and 4 Exqueeze me Baking powder You mean the Kate Daniels kind of it gets better when you end up giving a 10 out of 5 stars rating Because so far this is pretty good Hell, so far this is very good Oh well, who am I to judge anyway Everyone knows I have crappy taste in books Okay, let s do this.Wait hahahaha just kidding You really thought this was going to be another pointless paragraph didn t you Gotcha Although, technically, I have to admit this paragraph is pretty pointless Actually it s even pointless that my previous pointless points Mr Bond So nice of you to stop by Shaken, not stirred is that it One martini coming right up No no really, it s no problem My pleasure I mean, if you were Daniel Craig the most ridiculous 007 ever I d tell you to get lost but you re Sean Connery the one and only so it s an honour to mix that drink for you Hold on I don t think I m supposed to be mixing drinks right now I m pretty sure there is something else I m supposed to be doing Damn Harry D How could I forget Moving on Why I m still in love with Harry D He s a disaster magnet He s the king of worst decision making in the history of bad decision making He s a total dork To some this is really annoying To some this is over the top But I think it s pretty cool Yes, this is me falling for a guy with huge loser potential and no dress sense Apart from his t shirts His t shirts are pretty cool I m telling you, the aggravating assholes in my harem can t quite believe it Me neither actually A non asshole with underdog tendencies And I love him What is the world coming to I ask you Harry s magic is VERY cool And, again, it has nothing to do with his staff And there s still no pulling rabbits out of hats involved here Just cool potions and cool magic stuff With Snoopy tagging along And Harry chanting to the Peanuts theme music Very cool I tell you Harry still has the coolest friends acquaintances pets whatever Murph she seems to annoy the hell out of everyone So obviously I love her She s bad tempered So obviously I love her She has very low tolerance for BS So obviously I love her She gives Harry hell So obviously I love her She s one tough cookie So obviously I love her Werewolves Werewolves everywhere Werewolves galore Everything you ever wanted to know about werewolves but were afraid to ask I LOVE werewolves RAWR CLAWS YESSS Hyperkinetic amoebas Don t ask And then there s Bob I m in love What else I think that s pretty much it Told you this was going to be a condensed review What Sorry, I can t hear you Huh What do you mean this is not your idea of a condensed review Hahaha you re so funny 1 Last thing I knew this was my review so if I say it s condensed then it is.2 Wait till I write a full length review and the word condensed will take a whole new meaning You guys really crack me up Wait nope, not kidding this time, there s actually something I forgot to say Ha Gotcha again So Wanna know why I love this instalment so much Because gore So much gore Blood Torn open guts Detached limbs Crushed bones So freaking awesome How many times do I have to tell you people Romance is overrated Gore is cool That s it from me Love story to be continued in the next episode Harry, baby, try not to do anything too stupid while I m away And, by the way Book 1 Storm Front Book 3 Grave Peril

  5. Markus Markus says:

    3.5 stars I looked up through the clear night at the almost full moon Werewolves jumping through windows at gangster s lackeys in unfinished restaurants A mangled corpse in the middle of a blood drenched floor Berserk FBI field agents drawing guns and shooting to kill A little kung fu, a little John Wayne, and a few casual threats.So far, I thought, my nerves jangling, just one night on the job.Ah, the Dresden Files Modern day pulp fiction, and yet so fun to read.Harry Dresden s career is going downhill His former friend and main source of income, Special Investigator Karrin Murphy, refuses to have anything to do with him Things get so bad he can barely afford his next meal But then a new murder mystery comes along, one involving brutally mutilated corpses, paw prints left behind on the scene, and a full moon This book was actually quite different in a number of ways At first it actually seemed to have taken a step down from the level of Storm Front, but fortunately it got better and better as the story progressed Writing, characterisation and most other aspects of the book are still rather mediocre, but Jim Butcher is visibly improving as a writer.As a murder mystery, this book was a lot better than the first one There are multiple suspects, interesting plot twists and overall there are simply layers to the story The reader gets information about Harry s past and personality, and about the nature of magic and magical beings I especially enjoyed the introduction of Chauncy the demon, and Harry s rather interesting conversation with his own subconscious.In the end, this was not a great book, but it s definitely going in the right direction Most important of all, it actually made me excited about continuing with the series And that s something the first book wasn t able to Considering that most people seem to think that this is another of the second rate Dresden books, I am certainly looking forward to reading the really good ones.

  6. Adina Adina says:

    3.5 I can t believe it took me than 3 years to read the follow up to Storm Front the 1st in the series I enjoyed the first one but somehow other books seemed interesting than continuing with this series Well, it will not take that long to start the 3rd volume Ok, maybe I know why I did not run towards this book It is about werewolves and other shapeshifters which are not my favorite but I enjoyed it despite their presence the same way I tolerate them in Kate Daniels series I hope to write a in depth review a bit later.

  7. Conor Conor says:

    This was an alright read but not one that has left me eager to tear into the next 13 books already published in this series There was quite a bit of world building, especially about werewolves, but I didn t find it particularly immersive Like in the first book Butcher s attempts to integrate fantasy into the modern world feel kind of forced and these 2 worlds still don t relate to each other in a believable or compelling way I also struggled with the characters in this one Harry was frustratingly self righteous and Murphy was annoyingly judgmental and their tense, mistrustful interactions left me hoping one or both of them would be eaten by a werewolf tbf their last scene together was pretty awesome and I m hoping their relationship will continue on that note and leave behind the distrust that has been really annoying since half way through the last book Tera West was a pretty standard magical mystery person with alien motivations and Susan was a typical love interest character with no discernible personality The main villain in this one could have been a brilliant opportunity to explore the meaning of good vs evil and challenge Harry s self righteousness but instead was too busy working on his pantomime evil villain schtick Johnny Marcone was still an interesting character although he really didn t develop in any meaningful way from the last book The highlights of this book were the hints about Harry s parentage and the ending which bumped this up to 3 stars The allusions to Harry s deceased parents not having been what they seemed, coupled with his affinity for dark magic, makes for a really interesting situation that I hope will be explored later on in the series While the finale wasn t anywhere near Malazan proportions of epic ness there was still enough action, and perhaps importantly solid resolutions to various mysteries and plot points see the Murphy Harry relationship , to redeem what had at times been a frustratingly paced book This book was much darker than it s predecessor, with one section about halfway through containing a level of gore and violence previously unseen in this series Butcher also demonstrated a willingness to abruptly kill off some reasonably important characters spoiler it s not Harry that ratcheted up the tension and drama in this one.Mostly on the recommendation of pretty much all of my friends on here D I m going to continue this series until book 4 in the hope that the various plot threads are pulled together and the story really takes off.

  8. Jody Jody says:

    This was another fun romp through the streets of Chicago with my favorite wizarding detective, Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden In Fool Moon Harry manages to get himself in even trouble than he did in book 1 But he always manages to come out the other side Not unscathed though, as he did manage to take quite a beating in his quest to solve the crime Fool Moon starts out with Lieutenant Murphy again asking for Harry s help on a murder case that seems beyond the bounds of mere human activity As Harry gets involved and begins following leads, he quickly finds himself in over his head His quick thinking and magic can usually help get him out of a tight spot, but he may need than his wit and unique talent to survive this case To much work and no play makes Harry a paranoid boy A great element to these books are Harry s interactions and relationships with the other characters The friendship that Harry has with Lieutenant Karrin Murphy of the Chicago PD is always on rocky ground The relationship between Harry and supernatural reporter Susan Rodriguez is getting very interesting and one to keep an eye on And let s not forget the crime lord Gentleman Johnny Marcone Harry and Johnny continually cross each other s paths and I have a feeling it will eventually come to a boiling point All of these characters add a certain layer of depth to Harry s story, and play to his character than just being a wizard or detective He continually explains his feelings for each one and it gives the reader a deeper look at the human side of Harry and not just Harry the wizard It isn t enough to stand up and fight darkness You ve got to stand apart from it, too You ve got to be different from it I m still digging the old school detective vibe these books have I know I mentioned this in my review of Storm Front But this element means so much to making these books so interesting and fun Also, there is never a dull moment in these books Whether Harry is at home making potions with Bob, hanging at MacAnally s Pub, or roaming the streets of Chicago on a case, he always manages to be a magnet for demons, vampires, or any other supernatural beings that roam the dark alleys and shadows I can t wait to see what kind of mysteries the coming adventure holds Next up Grave Peril It s all right to be afraid You just don t let it stop you from doing your job Actual Rating 4 stars

  9. Penny Penny says:

    Update 03 11 11 2 So my last update was hastily written, and in anger Now that I ve had time to cool off and think clearly I m feeling bad So here s another, less in your face way of saying it Warning this review contains cheekiness Please do not be offended or take this review too seriously as it is meant in jest If you are a serious Dresden fan this review is probably not for you So you should just read another review, k Have a nice day Update 03 11 11 I ve pretty much had it with you people Apparently this review is really offensive But guess what I m not going to change it It was written in jest What I am going to do is say that if Jim Butcher can write women as helpless little sex kittens and call it noir style , therefore OK, I can write a so called offensive and sexist review, in jest, and still sleep at night Got it I ve spent a good portion of my married life wondering what in the heck is going on in my husband s head To be honest, I just don t understand men in general I don t get what motivates them to do what they do I ve been told that I m over thinking it, men aren t complicated Apparently sex has a lot to do with the decisions they make I ve spent a lot of time rejecting this idea, thinking it cannot possibly be true, at least not totally Even my husband, man child extraordinaire that he can be at times cannot be so basic, so primal My husband is incredibly intelligent, has a wealth of knowledge stored up in that noggin of his He s motivated by then just sex right Then, every once in a while, I go and read a book written by a man and I m reminded that indeed, I have been over thinking it My husband, and all other men for that matter, are probably thinking about sex, or things of a sexual nature far often than I could imagine.When it comes to books written by men, often than not the male characters describe women they encounter in a sexual manner The descriptions don t even have to be dirty, in fact they usually aren t But I still find it irritating when the most basic observations seem sexual Besides, I simply cannot relate When I see a man who is attractive I think, Wow or something like that But I don t wax poetic about his bazillion abs and how much I d like to feel them pressed up against me, or whatever I tend to focus on how I feel when I m with people For instance my initial attraction to my husband had to do with the fact that he made me laugh and I felt comfortable around him Looks didn t factor into the equation For the record I didn t find him particularly attractive, at least no then the next guy Plus, he used to dress like a friggin hobo Had it not been for his awesome personality, his sense of humor, I wouldn t have been interested For this same reason I have a massive crush on Conan O Brien, no joke Conan is sexy, but I digress My point is because I don t exactly understand men, how they think, and how I m left feeling disappointed by the tiny bit that does seem to make sense, I tend to avoid books written by men That being said, I don t totally dislike this series There is a lot of potential here Jim Butcher built a fascinating world with some interesting and, as far as I can tell, original rules about wizardry and other things supernatural For instance, the MC, a wizard, cannot meet the eyes of another person without seeing into their soul, and they his It s so strangely intimate I can t help but be intrigued by the idea And he has this assistant named Bob, who is actually a spirit stuck in a human skull he s kind of like a grimoire, codex and a computer mixed together, but even better And I like the idea of a wizard solving supernatural crimes I don t know, the concept totally seems to work for me Overall, I sort of like this series and plan on reading the third book, even though I felt Fool Moon, the second installment in the Dresden Files was incredibly boring Why I found this book boring is anybody s guess since it dealt with werewolves, and I tend to like werewolf lore Even the romantic element in this book, though semi interesting, sort of fell flat Heck, the sex scene, which was actually quite tasteful, happened at a really odd time And Dresden cried afterward, which, really, circumstances being what they were, made sense But still.Fine I admit it It turns out ultra sensitive men make me uncomfortable I mean, crying after sex Really Here s the deal, I was raised in a household full of boys I have five older brothers They didn t talk about their feelings and never cried in front of me, much it has to be said I m not much of a crier My dad was in the Marines for twenty years, he went to Vietnam Both my parents are old school and Hispanic to boot Which brings me to my next point even though I m repelled by Harry Dresden s sensitive nature, I still find his old school chivalrous manners appealing I know, I know I m kind of a fraud I let everyone think I m all about feminism, but I secretly like when men hold doors for me Not because I can t do so myself because I can and I do all the time but because it s just nice when somebody does that sort of thing, ya know And while I like my independence, and I m a strong woman both physically and emotionally I ve always liked men with protective instincts notice I said protective, not controlling Basically, I like knowing someone s got my back This is why I sort of like Harry, despite his sometimes wussy ways.You probably think I m not being consistent, that my reasons for liking this series are not exactly rational You know what You re right What can I say I m a woman It s my prerogative to be inconsistent and irrational And anyway, things could be much worse I could be a man, thinking of little else but sex all the live long day.

  10. Justin Justin says:

    Well, I ve copied my review from two years ago below, and I feel like it is pretty much on point with how I feel after reading the book a second time Not really sure if I need to say much The only parts I really enjoyed were the scenes that alluded to Harry s past I m sticking around for of that down the road, I hope The first half wasn t bad, and the book actually felt like it ended halfway through It should have ended there There s a big scene in the middle followed by a whole chapter of Harry talking to himself After Harry talks to himself, the book kind of resets and goes off into another, even ridiculous, story arc I think Butcher just tried to do too much here There were too many antagonists and they were all kinda dumb Too many groups and connections and silliness in he second half to keep me invested But, alas, I m going on I will discover that elusive book that turns the series around I will carry on my wayward son There will be peace when I am done I will lay my weary head to rest I will cry no Previous review from January 2015 Started off alright, but the whole werewolf thing just got way out of hand The last third of the book is just completely ridiculous and the whole story just fell apart for me More silly than anything else, and it just kept rolling downhill until the last page I m going to continue the series When it gets better, I ll let you know Book 3 Book 4 Hopefully, werewolves don t show up again Please, God, no werewolves.