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The chapter on basic quiltmaking techniques is what makes this book worth it I've been piecing tips together for a couple of years now, and I was blown away by Susan Beal's well written and diagramed tips Susan Beal is relatively new to quilting, but she approached the subject with her myriad of experience in other crafts She is able to teach the reader and her voice is clear throughout The photos of the quilts are excellent The reader can see the entire quilt as well as a close up on a detail I loved the quirky details Nothing is left to imagination.My immediate takeaway from this book is the felt swatch book I also liked the useful patchwork projects and can't wait to make a red cross bag of my own.Beal admits she is new to the craft, but her research brings the book up many notches For example, I loved reading the history of log cabin quilts I would like to readof her books, even if she writes about a hobby I otherwise normally wouldn't care about That's how much I liked this book. Nice update on the traditional pattern, with good directions and illustrations The photos of some quilts show less skilled work piecing problems, quilting that isn't close enough to resolve a quilt that doesn't lay flat A surprise really. There is a good mix of traditional and modern projects and blocks here, including a bit of history about the log cabin block This is a good book for confident beginners who want to learnabout log cabin blocks and quilt making. Great review of quilting from the basics.Some tips that I had missed in my previous quilting experiences also some great projects with a range of difficulties, sizes and applications and inspiration to work off. Modern Crosses p 64Cheerful Pot Holders p 107 Wellwritten with lots of project ideas at the end (with instructions) None I had to pause all my other projects for, but might be fun to check out again one day (it was free on Prime). Susan Beals choice of fabric and the combinations she picks, and the designs they are all out of this world Honestly, her work gives me chills, it is so amazing I love the Clouds in the sky duvet cover It is just so atmospheric You have to see this book.And I do love her recycled cords pillow Susan, I'm glad you put your first project into the book I see why you still love it.I need to spendtime with this book!So now it is Dec 20 and i am back to the beginning of the book, ready to study the 5 log cabin styles chosen by the author, out of apparently countless variations I'm trying to be able to picture in my mind how these go together to make the patterns.And now it is Feb 2014, and I am still chewing on this book! Will I ever actually cut out some logs and try just one square?Well, it's March, and I ordered a walking foot for my old sewing machine ( new in 1971) and ordered some fat quarters of fabric from keepsakequilting.com I've started a log cabin pillow using a Bitty Bundle of Bali Fabric with the color name Evening Meadow It's going well!The pillow top is pieced and quilted Now to make it into a pillow cover I was amazed how easy the walking foot was to use The machine quilting gives the work a lot of depth.It's done! I love it! I made plenty of mistakes, but I also learned so much!Thank you, thank you Susan Beal I am hooked!!!! I love Susan, I love her books They are approachable and well thought out The log cabin quilt always holds a special place for me as it was the first quilt I every madein the 90'swith blue and raspberry tones It was rather tragic and dated, but my mother loves it Quilts began being documented in the early 1800's, before that there is now way of telling when this particular pattern began It has an efficient piecing that makes it a popular choice for many quilters and has been updated to fit the modern quilting trends with off centers and logs Just google Wonky Log Cabins and see what you get!Susan covers the basic techniques you will need to use to create 25 wonderful projects in her book Using tried and true techniques, Susan freshens up a classic to create some spectacular projects that are tasteful and modern Whether you are reusing older fabrics or clothing or using a bold printed fabric, you can produce something you will love and use.Since this book is shockingly overdue, perhaps I will be adding this to my Please buy me this book so I don't have to pay any fines list. If you think quilting is too difficult or too complicated, you’re not alone Cutting hundreds of pieces and joining angled seams can be tough work! But log cabin quilting—an artful and simple way to piece strips of fabric around a central square—is different From the intuitive construction through the straightline stitching, this style of quilting is simple as can be In Modern Log Cabin Quilting, Susan Beal outlines the entire process from start to finish, including basic quilting howto as well as extensive design, fabric, and embellishment information Since all log cabin designs follow the same formula, once you master straight lines and right angles, any of theprojects in this book are possible From stashfriendly designs like the Charming Camera Case to ambitious undertakings like the Vintage Linens Quilt, there’s sure to be a project that will get you into or bring you back to quilting! I haven't actually tried any of the patterns yet, but most of them look really appealing to me But they don't seem to have size conversions, which kind of bums me out, since I'm a brandnew beginner quilter and I like to keep my current projects short and sweet Another thing is that a code at the beginning of the book talks about how the projects are given symbols indicating level of difficulty, and even though there is a symbol for beginner, as far as I could tell after reading through the book, there isn't a pattern at this primary level of difficulty Which also bums me out But I might come back to this after attempting one of the quilts, i.e., the one on the cover :)